About Us

Canberra to the core

In more than four decades of supplying top quality air conditioning and heating services to the region, we’ve seen just about every temperature Canberra can offer.

It may be a crisp winter morning where we crack the ice on the birdbath and admire the snow dusting the Brindys; a summer scorcher where the cicadas start to sing as the sun rises; or–as anyone who lives here knows–it could be anything in between!

We love the place; weather and all. And we’ve made it our business to make sure clients also love it by giving them the ability to control their comfort level indoors, no matter what’s happening outdoors.

And as we enter our fifth decade in Canberra, our second-generation family owner/operators now offer cutting-edge service to our clients’ second and even third generations.

Taking care of your comfort

In 2016 and after years of working in the family business—firstly in his school holidays alongside his brother and sister, and then as an apprentice to his father David—Paul Oxford took over the reins of Delta Air Conditioning & Heating.

He did so at a time when the popularity of air conditioning had surged as affordability increased and Canberra’s population had tripled since the business started in 1972.

And new units were increasingly coming with new features such as smart controls, smartphone applications, air quality control features and more.

Today, not only has heating and cooling technology become more sophisticated, it has also become more of a necessity than a luxury, particularly as more people work from home.

The demand has seen Paul increase his team to what is now 13 passionate locals.

Setting the standard

There are 3 reasons that we’ve stayed in business as long as we have:

  1. caring about every customer interaction
  2. offering quality products
  3. continuously updating our technical skills and capabilities
Delta air conditioning and heating Canberra


At Delta Air Conditioning & Heating care for us is about the five ‘Ps’:

  • Prompt response to your enquiry.
  • Punctuality so that you have minimum disruption to your day.
  • Professional technicians who know what they’re doing.
  • Pristine worksites that we maintain with drop-sheets and vacuum cleaners.
  • Peace of mind that we offer dedicated warranties and stand behind our service.

Quality products

Our focus is always on supplying products from companies that strive to continuously improve and that quality assure their products.

That’s why we’re a super dealer for Dakin Australia and why we supply and promote the innovative brand which has been named a finalist in the Global Cooling Prize .

It’s also why we’re a Seeley International specialist, supplying and promoting the brand that continues to create award-winning solutions.

Technical skills

There’s no advantage in supplying quality products if we don’t have the skills and expertise to install and maintain them. Rapid technological advances mean we need to keep our skills fresh and we regularly participate in re-certification courses to deepen and broaden our understanding of our trade.

Our team also participates in regular “Toolbox talk” sessions to promote safe work environments.