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As VIP Daikin dealers, Delta Air Conditioning & Heating knows the benefits that this Australian-made product range brings to thousands of customers. Daikin was the first manufacturer to develop a split system endorsed by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice program. The company has also released Australia’s first 7-star ‘super efficiency’ split system. Do you know that Daikin was the first air conditioner brand that the National Asthma Council endorsed?
Australian Made

Australian made

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly

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World-leading technology

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Large product range

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Which system is right for your home?

Air conditioning systems come in all shapes and sizes; from a small unit that is fixed to a wall or sits on the floor, to a full ducted system.
We’re authorised dealers for Daikin, LG and Panasonic brands and we recommend them because of their energy efficiency, warranties and guaranteed performance and comfort. They also supply innovative products to fit any need.

Single room cooling only
Wall-mounted unit
Multi-room cooling only
Wall-mounted unit or units
Single room heating and cooling
Wall-mounted reverse-cycle unit
Floor-standing reverse-cycle unit
Multi-room heating and cooling
Wall-mounted reverse-cycle unit or units
Ducted reverse cycle (floor or ceiling) *home assessment needed

Don’t be overwhelmed. We’re experts in assessing your property’s needs and can advise you on the right system, power output and configuration to keep you comfortable throughout the entire year.

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Air conditioning commercial

Commercial Air Conditioning & Heating - the engineers’ and builders’ choice

Whether it’s a building for government services in Bateman’s Bay, or a residential aged care complex in Mittagong, engineers and builders consistently turn to Daikin products to resolve tricky briefs, overcome the lack of connected gas, and ensure reliable, best-in-class air conditioning performance.

Among many features, Daikin systems can be designed to:

  • cool in one space while heating another
  • regulate water flow with variable speed pumps
  • maintain thermal conditions when services must be concealed
  • minimise noise
  • have the smallest possible footprint without compromising efficiency

Air conditioning jargon explained

These days “air conditioners” are not limited to just supplying us with cool air. Many airconditioning devices can also provide heating in winter.
If you’ve just started researching air conditioners, the terms that manufacturers use can be confusing. It pays to know the difference:

Reverse cycle : A system that gives you cooling and heating when you need it.

Split system : A system that’s made up of two devices, one called a condenser that is outside, and another smaller device inside that gives you your hot or cold air.

Multi-room split system : A system made up of multiple devices, where there is one condenser outside connected by piping to several devices throughout the house.

Ducted system : A system with a central fan coil from which ducts carry cool or hot air to rooms in your home.

kW : A measure of the power that a system puts out and as Choice points out, you should consider room size when looking at power needs.

Energy rating : A unit’s efficiency shown by a number of stars.

Daikin systems are also admired Australia-wide. They feature in one of Sydney’s most architecturally significant events centres, in a major Victorian university and in one of Tasmania’s national-award winning luxury hotels. Client feedback consistently features on the flexibility of Daikin systems to encompass multiple uses and meet complex requirements.

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