Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning Canberra

Comfort for the whole house

Ducted air conditioning is a discreet air conditioning system for you to enjoy comfort throughout your entire home. It can be installed in a new home or tailored to suit an existing one, and once installed, only the controller, the return air and discharge grilles are visible inside your home.

Advantages of ducted air conditioning

  • A solution for every room in your home with all year round heating and cooling.
  • Cost effective when you require air conditioning for more rooms in your house.
  • Smart phone control options available
  • Centrally control zones and temperature with set and forget timers. Up to 8 separate air conditioned zones for more flexibility and better economy. (up-to 14 with izone controllers)
  • Manage even distribution of air to avoid hot or cold spots in your home
  • Large range of available systems with ducted solutions for most sizes and to suit the style of your home.
  • With only grills or diffusers mounted in ceiling or floor being visible, ducted systems do not intrude into the overall look of your interior design.
  • With all the noise producing equipment in the ceiling, under the floor or outside, ducted air conditioning is the quietest of all air conditioning options.

Daikin ducted air conditioning at a glance

Ducted Air Conditioning

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