Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted gas system Canberra

Warmth when you want it

There’s nothing like the security of turning on your ducted gas heater during a chilly Canberra day and knowing you will immediately benefit from the warmth it brings. And with our recommended Braemar ducted gas heating systems, you can now do that from the convenience of your smart device using the MagiQtouch® app. Come home to comfort.Contact us to find out how.

The benefits

For the ultimate in winter comfort in Canberra, fully ducted central gas heating is the perfect solution.

  • Control the temperature of a single room or your whole house.
  • Get instant, concentrated heat with no lag time.
  • Reduce costs using a cheap and reliable energy source.
  • Reduce environmental impacts. Most gas heaters produce only one-third the greenhouse gas emissions of standard electric heaters.
  • Preserve your décor with discreet, unobtrusive vents and a sleek, contemporary controller.
  • Be safer with no power cords, switches or exposed hot surfaces that children can touch.

Floor or ceiling ducts?

When you call Delta Air Conditioning & Heating to enquire about ducted gas heating, the first thing we will do is ask about your home’s construction. 

If your home is built on a concrete slab, we will have to install your ducts in the roof with the hot air distributed through ceiling vents.

If your home is built on floor joists, you may have the option of locating your ducts in the ceiling or under the floor depending on the space we have to work with.

Before we recommend a unit, we’ll also look at your ceiling height, the number of windows in each room and the size of your home.

Are you ready to get a quote?

7 Star Energy Efficiency Rating

7-star energy efficiency rating

As a Climate Master of Seeley International (CMSI) dealer, Delta Air Conditioning & Heating has access to exclusive products that many other companies do not.That’s why we regularly suggest Seeley’s Australian-made Braemar ducted gas heating systems, the first in the world to get a 7-star energy efficiency rating. Every additional star rating represents a 10 to 15% drop in running costs.Braemar also offers MagiQtouch wi-fi apps that allow you to control your heating from your mobile device or through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant technologies so you can pre-warm your home before you arrive, or regulate temperatures without getting out of bed.And with a 50-year reputation for producing innovative, quality and reliable products for Australian conditions, Braemar has become one of the nation’s leading ducted gas heating brands.

Looking to service your ducted gas heating system? At Delta, we service all major brands of air conditioning and heating systems. Call now on 02 6280 4211 or submit an enquiry online.