Commercial air-conditioners

Commercial air conditioners

For commercial installation and servicing

Air conditioning problems don’t just affect your team’s and your customers’ comfort, it can also impact sensitive equipment, such as computers and servers. We know that if things break, every minute counts. We’ve put our trademark workmanship to the test for a variety of commercial and public sector clients.
Delta Air conditioning supports residential, commercial and public sector clients throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan during business hours, Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm.


There’s little doubt staff
productivity drops off when the temperature indoors is too hot or cold. And computer equipment is particularly sensitive to overheating. We can make sure that both your team and your equipment have the optimal conditions to work well.


The ambient temperature in your store is a powerful influencer. If you don’t get it right, customers likely won’t browse as long or spend as much.  Don’t risk a drop off in your clientele or bottom line because of a system that’s not working at its best.


Experts have proven a relationship between classroom temperature and students’ performance.  Without effective air conditioning or heating, students can quickly become distracted. We’ll help keep your system functioning to ensure the safety and success of your students and staff.

For commercial and public sectors

Don’t discount evaporative cooling as the ideal fit for your enterprise. Many industries use evaporative cooling systems because they are so easy to scale up as needed, they have highest cooling performance, of any comparable air conditioner, and they are energy and water efficient. As VIP dealers for Australian-made Seeley International evaporative cooling systems, Delta Air Conditioning knows why the list of businesses that are choosing Seeley evaporative cooling units continues to grow. Talk to us about how we can help tailor effective evaporative cooling for your new or existing project.

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