Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling Canberra

Fresh, natural cooling for your home

Out of all the cooling solutions on the market, evaporative coolers use a natural air-cooling technique. They’re not dissimilar to the old Coolgardie safe—the first type of domestic refrigerator in Australia where a small water tank on top of a cabinet would gradually drip water down hessian sheets and as the breeze evaporated, it absorbed heat from the surrounding air and kep the cabinet contents cool. Because they work best in a drier climate, they’re ideally suited to Canberra where our most humid months are over winter and our least-humid months are in summer.

Evaporative Coolers replaces the air through your home every 1 to 3 minutes.

Top 5 reasons to have one

1. It’s one of the most environmentally friendly ways to cool your property. A ducted evaporative cooler produces far less carbon emissions. Over 10 years, you can expect to save around 15.3 tonnes of CO2 compared with a ducted air conditioner.
2. It uses less water than you may think. When the right-sized system is installed for the right-sized property, evaporative coolers can be very water-efficient. Automatic systems that use sensors to control water discard save compared with systems set up to ‘bleed’ water during a cycle. Depending on its size, an automated discard system can use up to 25L an hour. That ranks it about seventh on the list of the top 10 water-using appliances around the house. Some units also allow you to switch off the water pump at night when the outside air temperature is cooler, and just use the fan to circulate cool air.
3. You can leave it on day and night and not worry about your bills. In contrast to a ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning system, a ducted evaporative system can reduce electricity costs by 155%. A ducted evaporative cooler costs around $0.43 per hour to run, compared with an average ducted reverse-cycle system that can cost up to $3.45 per hour to run. Use the Australian Government’s Energy Rating calculator to check specific brands.
4. It’s quiet. Australia’s own Breezair, Braemar and Coolair ranges have high-quality engineered fans that delivers the largest volume of cool air and generate higher pressure quietly and effortlessly forcing air through the most complex ductwork designs.
5. You can even cool outdoor areas. Because evaporative coolers work most efficiently when you leave your windows and sliding doors open, any adjacent outdoor areas also benefit from a constant flow of cool, fresh air.

Find out why we recommend Australian-made Braemar and Breezair coolers.

One size doesn’t fit all

If you’re interested in an evaporative cooling system for your home, there’s more to your decision than taking a few snapshots of where you want the ducts, completing an online form and waiting for an installation company to give you a “guesstimate”. One of the secrets to Delta Air Conditioning & Heating’s phenomenal success is that we insist on saving you the most money by thoroughly studying your property and your unique needs.
Seeley international evaporative cooling
For instance, we take into account such factors as:
  • how many people you want to make comfortable in your space
  • whether you want cooling to operate over several storeys
  • your average room volume
  • window size, orientation and location
  • type of insulation your property has
  • type of ceiling your property has
  • access, shading, sun exposure or proximity to neighbours where the outside unit will be placed
  • energy consumption targets

Each of these factors is important and will directly influence the evaporative cooling system that we recommend for you.
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For commercial and public sectors

Don’t discount evaporative cooling as the ideal fit for your enterprise.  Many industries use evaporative cooling systems because they are so easy to scale up as needed, they have the highest cooling performance of any comparable air conditioner, and they are energy and water efficient.

As CMSI dealers for Australian-made Seeley International evaporative cooling systems, Delta Air Conditioning & Heating knows why the list of businesses that are choosing Seeley International products continues to grow. Talk to us about how we can help tailor effective evaporative cooling for your new or existing project.